Electric car

Early in 2011 I was very fortunate and was offered an electric car on a government sponsored trial involving EDF energy. The car is a Smart ED and is extremely nice. It drives just like a fossil fuel car but more quietly. It has good acceleration and in traffic it is indistinguishable from a “normal” car, nobody stares at it. The electricity supply company came and fitted me a smart (radio linked) charging point and the car has gps monitoring for date, time, distance and speed of journeys and this, combined with the charging information, feeds back real use information to the trial.

My capital costs have gone down substantially and my fuel costs are now only 15% of the cost of my previous car. I find it very comforting to realise that I can do all my daily journeys that I don’t do by walking or on the bus by using the new electric car. I was nervous about it running out of juice but that has not proved to be a problem as yet. It is simple to charge and very nice to drive.

I can also charge the car with solar electricity from solar panels that I own and am getting a FIT payment for.

Smart ED

Smart ED2